There’s an envelope sitting on the living room floor. It’s been sitting there since last Friday aftenoon, left there for some unknown reason, by the husband. Not sure what’s in it – although there is something in it, and it’s open, but that’s no longer the point.

It’s become like the suitcase in that episode of Everybody Loves Raymond. The Husband knows I know that the envelope is still there and that I refuse to move it, and I know he knows that I know the envelope is still there and I refuse to move it.

Various people have commented on it this week. Do you know there’s an envelope on the floor? One person even went so far as to start to pick the envelope up, and I had to stop them.

I guess it’s annoying everyone, but strangely enough, I’m okay with it. The envelope’s become part of the room. So now it’s more of a, let’s see how the husband and I can annoy everyone with the envelope on the floor, thing.

It’s a strange method of bonding, yes, but it seems to work for us. 😉

Steph T.