Coherent thought is a problem this morning, but it won’t stop me from blogging. Aren’t you lucky?

Horoscope for ARIES: The obstacles are about to melt away. Pretty soon you’ll see the finish line.

Well that’s good news. Only 247 pages to go in the new WIP.

Seems people like the smilies :thumbsup:

Katie’s finally blogging again (hey – does this mean she won’t have time to crit me?)

Larissa (okay, I just typed it Karissa – that’s a good pen-name – although I like Larisssa with the 3 s’s better…) – okay, totally forgot what I was going to say about her. *waves anyway and hopes the small lion’s better*

Cece’s tweaking her site. She wants new smilies too. Shannon’s kept her blogskin the same for a few days – I like when she rotates them. I think that could be her theme.

And I have a new poll feature now. Except, now that I have it, I have no idea what to poll y’all about.

And Yahoo Messenger’s finally working.

Dear Yahoo Customer Service-
Thanks for the nice note telling me that yes, I might have noticed you’re having a technical problem with messenger. Here’s a hint – next time it happens, post it somewhere on your big Yahoo site so you don’t get five million emails. And then I won’t waste my time because I’ll know you’re tring to fix it. Obviously, zillions were affected. Just a thought. Have a GREAT day and try not to screw up again.

Steph T.