I’m making good progress on the new WIP. I’ve temporarily shelved the possible Blaze, since I seem to have written myself right out of the sexy, funny thing and, it seems, out of the line as well. I’m going back to it at some point soon, but I know I have to rip up the first three chapters in order to strengthen the conflict, and at this moment in time, I cannot stop gazing at them lovingly long enough to do so.:oops:

I have no problem ripping things apart in this new book, so I’ll run with it. About one third of the way through and I’ve finally nailed down what I need in order to move forward. A few IM’s with Katie, in which she reminded me about the importance of research, and I can write my mini dust storm scene.

Jake wants to be the hero of the scene, but it’s not his turn.

I’m definitely sending him out for visits soon, since all he’s doing is standing over my shoulder saying things like, “I would be shooting, not just holding my gun,” and “I would never ever wear a flak jacket,” and “why don’t you have any more cookies?”

And poor, poor Bekke has been working non-stop on all the fun plug-ins for this WP blog. Will make it up to her by actually having some clue what I want when it’s time for my redesign. Will be model web client. Will not, hoever, stop listening to Matchbox Twenty or Kid Rock…

Did I say that out loud? Just kidding, Bekke.

And finally, thanks to Jaq, I have a battle cry:

What Is Your Battle Cry?

Stalking on the terrain, wielding two hardened pitas, cometh Steph Tyler! And she gives a low cry:

“By Odin’s mighty spear, I shall make bloody music with your nation’s populace!”

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