Astrology for writers, editors, filmakers:

April brings an eclipse; a do or die, know your karma or else event. You won’t have to go looking for it, it will find you!

Aries: The eclipse on April 8 is a wondrous event to behold in your chart. Whatever happens within three days of that day, take it as God shouting in your ear, PAY ATTENTION STUPID!

Good thing I caught this today, as it would seem I’m within three days of the eclipse.

Okay, big migraine today. The three year old was up at 5 am and so was I. Massive doses of coffee are needed, since today is a writing day. I was flying along in the new WIP, but I’m having a slight bit of trouble nailing down one part of the conflict. To that effect, I’m putting together a list of links about conflict, and I’ll post it later on when the brain is functioning a little better and I can actually find all the links.

And I’m having fun with Word Press – Bekke’s adding in the plug-ins for me, and there are so many to choose from. I’ve picked a lot I like, but I could easily see myself going back through that massive list and picking some more. What I’m most excited about are the smilies I’m going to get. And yes, you can comment again (forgot about that, but Sasha reminded me *g*)

Steph T.