I’m learning from Jaq, so blame her.

I wasted an hour here this morning. I learned that I use the words ‘it’ (I know, Katie, I know) and the word ‘that’ too much.


I like that word.

The other thing I rediscovered is that my senses need work, thanks to this link via Holly Lisle. I did, however, get all the food questions correct. At least I have priorities.

And for everyone who wants Jake to visit them, I warn you to be careful what you wish for…he’s not easy to live with. Trust me on this.

Cece, he’s headed your way, mumbling something about my lack of respect for his skills. He said it sounds like Emily might have some respect for him too. He also mentioned something about Sharon letting him play with guns.

He’s pissed that I’ve put him in a scene where he screws something up and he’s threatening to hack my computer and rewrite everything.

He also stole all the chocolate.

Steph T.