Dear Stephanie —

It’s me, your internal editor. I know I’m not supposed to be popping in now, when you’re in the middle of your first draft, writing along happily, and I know you don’t want to hear me. I, however, must inform you here and now that I am on to you.

How you managed to unclude major angst in the middle of your funny, sexy story is beyond me. Yes, I know it makes for a perfect scene between the hero and the heroine, but you must find a way around it, because it is going to pull your story in a direction that I don’t think a Blaze should go.

I know you’re really into that scene — I know. But you can’t argue with my logic or avoid it for long. You are, at heart, a logical person and you know the guidelines.

And don’t think I didn’t notice that you slipped in the line about a stronger than average sixth sense when referring to the hero’s brother. It will not remain in the final draft, as I have told you repeatedly no one with any kind of psychic sensibilities will be allowed to make an appearance in this book. I have allowed you your requisite Hells Angel and a SEAL. I might even think about allowing Jake to make a brief appearance in this book, but there will not be any one who has anything more than a strong gut instinct in this particular book.

You may resume your writing, but I strongly suggest you rethink the brother’s storyline immediately, to save yourself undue grief and aggravation in the near future.

Your internal editor

Steph T.