The husband and I went kitchen shopping this weekend, and I’m officially scared of the whole project. At first, it looked like we weren’t going to be able to get a contractor until the fall. Suddenly, spring seems like a real possibility. *gulp*

The funniest moment of our shopping trip came when we were looking at appliances. The salesman was trying to explain to me how the stove worked. HA! I just kind of wandered off while he was talking and let the husband learn all about it. He’s the one who wanted this gigantic six burner monster that looks like I’ll need a PhD to turn on. And when we picked out the microwave, the salesman went on and on about all the technical stuff. My question: Can I use it for microwave popcorn?

Hey, I have my priorities.

Oh, and my new column’s up at Romancing The Blog. Not sure it makes much sense, so just appease me and tell me it does.

Steph T.