I need to know how you feel about contrivances. Publishers always talk about it as the whole, romance has to grow organically, thing, but a lot of what I see with H/H’s first meetings are contrived.

I mean, people have met in coffee shops, on blind dates, bumped into each other on street corners, at work, mistaken identity, etc. And that’s very RL. So is that what you want? Because, to be honest, the whole meeting at work, neighbors, thing gets a little old for me. Especially the neighbors part, unless you happen to live on Melrose Place, where all your neighbors are single and gorgeous. Work gives you more possibilities, but certain professions lend themselves more to this than others.

How much contrivance is too much for you? If the way two characters meet is a little bit crazy, is that considered a contrivance? Because, in RL, crazy things do happen, but in books, I want them to happen in a crazy way too.

And what’s with the organic romantic conflict, anyway? I’ve never understood these definitions all that well, maybe because I hate analyzing books. I think it’s when the characters fall in love but the external plot, and perhaps their inner conflicts, are working against it. I think.

But can this happen even if they meet in a contrived way?

Do you see me going in circles, chasing my tail? (chasingmytailchasingmytail)

Help please. Give me the first meeting each other contrivances that make you want to hurl the book against the wall, or just hurl.

BTW, this always happens when I hit the middle of the book, look back and think everything I wrote is the most ridiculous thing going. Normally, I would just whine to Katie and Larissa, but I figured all of you might be interested in my breakdown.

(Katie, I’m still going to whine to you. Larissa’s off the hook for now, having escaped to sunny Florida. I’ll get her when she’s back)

Steph T.