I’ve managed to write 52 pages over the last three days plus a skeleton synopsis and a query letter. I’ve only been able to do this because it’s the start of a book I’m not supposed to be working on. I’m supposed to be finishing FB up, but I’m stuck. I let it go for a few weeks, figuring I could come back to it with fresh eyes and see exactly what it needed.

It needs an overhaul. Holly’s plot notebook would have to contain some kind of magical spell inside of it to help me fix it.

So, of course, instead of diving in, I turn diligently back to the possible Blaze, as though Brenda Chin herself rang me up and said, “Hey Steph, why don’t you throw together a proposal and we’ll chat?”

I blame the migraine meds. Jill’s daughter would understand.

Anyway, I tried my hardest not to, but of course the newest book has a SEAL for a hero. (No, it’s not Jake’s book. Sshhh, he’s been quiet lately.) A psychic has not, or will not show up in this one though, but a Hells Angel will make an appearance. (That’s another character who seems to show up in all my books.) The setting is Florida during Bike Week, and I’d started to do research until I discovered that my cousin, who owns a Harley and I think might actually be a Hells Angel, was down in Florida last week for Bike Week. So really, you don’t get much better firsthand research than that. I take it as a sign.

Dear Brenda:
The proposal’s almost ready and I’ve gotten a cosmic sign. The synopsis isn’t that clear, but things like GMC’s will happen. I promise the book will rock. Call me. Peace out.

Oh, and just so you know, a very nice person stopped by my contact page and sent me an email on the same day I was whining about the MILF thing. He wrote something like — you very nice lady you look as nice in person? Send picture.

See, people on the internet DO care.

Steph T.