Okay — before I forget — go head over to Sasha’s Blog Party. It’s her site’s one-year anniversary and she’s having a giveaway every hour from 2 — 9 EST.

I am not missing the fun today. I missed the WriteMinded Scavenger hunt (waving to anyone who stopped by from there to find out about my SEALs) because I was writing. I mean, what’s up with that? I’ve been immersed first thing, only stopping to check my emails before I open Word. And I guess that’s a good thing, but I miss my morning blog-hopping routine. So today I’m back to it.

Of course, I checked everyone’s blog late last night, so no one’s up and around and blogging yet this morning. So I’m forced back to Word to write.

But really, this bout of working hard can’t last long, can it? It’s got to be a temporary affliction, like my recent foray into plotting.

Although I’ve actually created a whole folder of plotting resources that I keep right by my side now. It’s getting scary over here. Send help. And chocolate. And SEALs.

Steph T.