Well, it’s blizzard-ish here again. Windy and cold and snowy and I’m so done with winter. If it was a nice, fluffy light snow, that would be one thing, but does the wind really need to whip so much?

I’m knee-deep in a new project while finishing up revisions on the old book. Pretty proud of myself that I actually stuck with one thing for a whole two months. The process was a lot slower than I would’ve liked, but the plot’s kind of complicated.

For once, I’d like a semi-uncomplicated plot. Just a straight-line to the finish-line without a psychic showing up. I don’t know why a psychic always shows up, but that might be my thing, my recurring theme. Oh look, Steph’s got another psychic in her book. It could be like a Where’s Waldo kind of thing.

The husband wants to be the recurring character in my books (and he is not psychic): “Just put me in there as like, the go-to guy. It’s a great hook. I’ll show up in every book and everyone will think, I wonder when he’s going to show up?” Um, sure. Totally taking that into consideration, honey. Taking it up to the editorial level as we speak. But due to the heavy volume of ideas, it could be up to six months before you hear back…

Steph T.