Wow, this weekend flew by. I’ve been trying to wrap my head around a few different projects and I just threw myself into my bunker (aka the office) and just tried to get a handle on things I need to clean up.

I’m so stoked about Larissa’s revision letter, and all I can say to the person who told her that a revision was just a rejection in disguise is, are you kidding? Because come on — an editor’s not going to waste time writing a detailed revision letter, and we all know that.

Katie’s been busy too (must remind her to blog more, though), and she’s pulling me into some new projects which are really cool, so I’ll talk more about that a little later. I also, finally, at her insistence, started reading my first Janet Evanovich book which has been sitting on my shelf forever. It’s High Five and I’m enjoying it. I resisted it for a long time because I’m not crazy about first person narrative, only because you know how much I love my heroes and after I while I really, really miss not being inside his head. Ranger’s definitely high on the yum factor though, but I wish he was around a little bit more. Morelli, eh.

Okay — I’m definitely going on the treadmill now. I know I’ve been saying that all day, but somehow, I’m still in pajamas.

Really — it’s going to happen tonight, because a week’s worth of fast food is just hanging around me in a bad way.

Hope everyone had a great weekend! Will catch up on everyone’s blogs tomorrow. I don’t like it when I’m too busy to blog-hop. And thanks again for all the well-wishes for the three year old. She seems to be in much less pain now and she’s much happier being home.

Steph T.