Thanks for the karma! It got us here just ahead of the snow in Pittsburgh and who knows how much we left behind us. A messy drive, but overall, leaving early was a good decision. The three year old has a few pre-op tests tomorrow and then we can relax for a bit. And, obviously the internet connection in the hotel works — yeah for me.

Anyway – this list is going around. The husband and I discussed it, and, after realizing that several of our ten things overlapped and that the rest of his list was more interesting than mine (my big claim to fame — dating two ex-childhood TV commercial stars) I’ve decided to give him the airtime. (Besides, I secretly think he wants his own blog. I mean, who wouldn’t?)

So, here’s the husband’s list of 10 things he’s done that you probably haven’t:

1. Grew up in Africa
2. Climbed Mount Kilimanjaro
3. Caught a 400 lb Black Marlin
4. Played baseball regularly against Manny Ramirez in high school (I believe his exact words were — gave Manny all the practice he ever could have wanted and made him a star)
5. Surfed with Jerry O’Connell
6. Went on a only one blind date in my life and ended up marrying her. (We were set up by an 8th grader, who later insisted on being in the wedding party)
7. Proposed in front of 30 twelve year old’s in Steph’s classroom and nearly started a riot when all the other kids she taught (120 in all) came running in to see. (I was happy for the proposal, hated all the attention. He picked the last period of the day, on the day before Spring Vacation. Oh — and it was my very first year teaching, too.)
8. Left for my honeymoon — first stop, Dar Es Salaam, Tanzania, on the same morning as the embassy bombings.
9. Changed a trach, administered 02 and literally saved my daughter’s life at least four times. (All I can say is Thank God he was there with me – we make a good team)
10. Sat in detention almost every single day my junior year of high school (funny — he’s very proud of this one and insisted it make the list.)

Oh, and please tell me someone caught Law & Order SVU last night…the mystery writer turned serial killer episode. They break into his apartment and one of the detectives says, “Why would he paper his walls with rejection letters?” The other detective answers, “Because he’s insane.” The only thing that could’ve made the episode better would’ve been a random wolf attack.

Okay — must go collapse now. Thanks again for all the hugs n’ stuff! Keep the karma going till Thursday, please! It’s very appreciated *ggg*

Steph T.