Hmmm, let’s see. Leaving NY tomorrow as a major snow event (love when they call it that) moves in. Headed toward Pittsburgh as a major storm ends there.

Like I’m not stressed enough about the three year old’s operation to begin with. Hopefully, we’ll just miss each storm. I’m packing like a maniac anyway, and now am thinking of things like blankets and water in case we get stranded.

Anyway — every time I think I’ll have internet access from the hotel or hospital, something happens to ruin that plan. So, if I can, I’ll be posting, since I am more than addicted to this blogging thing.

If not, please send good karma to the three year old, especially in the early morning hours of Wednesday. If all goes well, we’ll be back home sometime late Thursday and I’ll update then.

Who knows — maybe I’ll even have some time to finish the WIP. Stranger things have happened.

Happy writing!

Steph T.