Well, Katie spent hours with me yesterday on IM, hand-holding me through some revisions. In the end, she ended up pointing out exactly what and where I needed them since I’d developed the forest through the trees syndrome. It was like FULL PANIC ALERT. And yes, I was whining. But she has teen-agers, so I guess she’s used to it by now.

She definitely gets the patience award for yesterday.

And yeah, the changes were not that big, but now I’m wondering if they’re not that big because I was so whiny and she didn’t want to scare me with the fact that indeed, story DOES suck and needs MAJOR changes. Katie, is this true? TELL ME.

Can we say, needy?

Note to self: Do not read new book about ghosts/ex-husband stalkers at midnight when the husband is away and you are all alone and the house is making funny noises which you know, logically, is the heat turning on and off, but could actually be a ghost roaming the house warning you of impending doom and danger. Because sleeping with all the lights in the house on is probably not the best way to go AND, from what the book says, these damned ghosts can arrive even with the lights on. But the book is, don’t want to put it down, awesome.

What’s that, Katie? No — I wasn’t reading last night. I was working on those revisions, finishing up the ending so we can get to work on CB. Was. Not. Shirking. Writing.

Sheesh — whose idea was it to get Crit Partner involved in blogging?

Oh yes. Mine. All mine.

Okay — off to let superspy character blow shit up, jump out of planes and generally save the world. And he might even get lucky too.winking.gif

Steph T.