It’s really Jordan’s fault. (Normally, I just blame Larissa, but since she’s under the weather, I’ll cut her a break.) Well, Jordan’s and Amazon’s, because they’ve just offered this new Prime Program, where for a flat yearly fee you can get free 2 day shipping on nearly every item you order. And, since I am the one-click queen and probably paid the yearly fee in shipping costs for January and February alone (hopefully the husband is not reading this, although I know he sees all the Amazon boxes when he recycles. That’s part of the reason I’m against recycling — better if the boxes just self-destructed, leaving behind no evidence. Except for the books, but he can’t tell what pile is new or old.)

Okay — way off track there.

Anyway — to celebrate this ‘free’ 2-day shipping, and to test it all out, I had to order some craft books, based on Jordan’s blog entry and her recommendations. I’m almost groaning out loud that I did this, since I’m very anti-rules, BUT I’m thinking that these books are not about the nit-picky rules that drive me nuts. I’m hoping they touch on some of the larger issues. (Cece — I had no IDEA scenes had an arc – if you knew and didn’t tell me, I’m taking away all your bumper stickers.)

I’ve also been to Staples and bought my notebooks as per Holly Lisle’s one-pass revision workshop and I’ve started writing out my theme and blurbs (I had these before I started, so I’m hoping that helps.) The WIP is so close to being finished I can almost taste it. I think I’ll probably be going into what I’ve heard Suzanne Brockmann call ‘avalanche mode,’ where you’re so close to the end and you can’t stop writing and things start falling into place. Although, as you know, I prefer to think of it as clusterfuck mode.

If you hear any rumbling, don’t be alarmed. It’s just the avalanche butting heads with my CF 😉

Steph T.