Things I said tonight that I know my IT guy would be impressed with if he heard me say them:

-There’s a pixel out on that screen.

-I’m going to launch another browser.

-I’m going to save this on the network.

(for that last one, I have no clue what it really means, but I said it and I meant it)

And thanks to major help from the Goddess of BlogAmp herself, I now have BlogAmp installed on my sidebar. Another fun, new procrastination, er, blog toy that shows the music I’m listening to in real time. Of course, I didn’t mention that there would probably be some Matchbox Twenty playing at some point. Maybe she won’t notice…

And, thanks to her, I know what an FTP is. (Well, kind of, sort of.)

Now, if you’ll excuse me, I have to go fix the html in the archive templates on my MT platform.

OMG — am becoming technical computer GENUIS over here.

Steph T.