Jake’s still here. Unfazed by the return of the husband or my taste in music (hey, some of the songs are his favorites too), he picked up the books and the cookies (Cece, he refuses to give them back) and has taken up residence in my office. I know he’s hacked the computer because all the files pertaining to his book are open.

Sasha, I know he thought seriously about your offer, but his main goal in life right now, as Teresa pointed out, is to bug me. Jaq, if you want him, you’re going to have to come and take him down yourself.

Larissa, it should scare you that he thinks you’re sane.

I, however, am still strong and am refusing to work on his book. I even came up with a new plot twist for one of the earlier chapters of FB that highlights the inner conflict and strengthens the internal one (that sounded SO writer-ish.) So there’s motivation all around and all my characters are suffering. No more Mrs. Nice Author — Katie will be proud.

Now I’m off to write a short scene, at Sharon’s suggestion, which features Jake, the Navy SEAL metrosexual. If that doesn’t get rid of him, nothing will. His mission is about to go tits-up and I’m taking back the cookies.

It does, however, make me feel better to know that Linda Howard also channels characters. You can read the whole interview here, but I loved this part about her visit to a psychic:

During one visit she kept seeing this man she insisted I’d be having an affair with. I was horrified and kept saying “No way”, and she was getting more and more insistent, then all of a sudden a light bulb went off and I asked what the man looked like. She described him and I started laughing, because he was the hero of the book I was working on (Joe Mackenzie, if you’re interested). I told her what I did for a living, and who the man was, and a peculiar expression crossed her face. “I wondered who all those people around you are,” she said. “I think you’re channeling real people.”

They’re real to me. That’s all that matters.

BTW, Amy – she also talks about writing out of sequence.

Steph T.