Thanks for all the well-wishes and karma! The three year old did well — no major dramas and she’s up playing. (yeah for Tylenol and Elmo!) I’m so tired I can’t really see straight, but hey, that’s how I know things are all right *g*

Need this coffee2.gif in IV drip form.

Sharon can check me off her list now and rock even more. I’m going to sit and watch some mindless TV and ignore my to-do lists until tomorrow. Maybe I’ll even get to read a little — I’ve got Sherrilyn Kenyon’s Seize The Night started, as part of my, I need to read a lot more for pure pleasure, plan. I used to read so much more before I started writing. Must try and get back to that, although I hear from other writers that their reading time is usually severely cut back once they started writing.

Steph T.