The ‘wake up early to write’ thing isn’t working so far. Because, in order to do this, you must actually wake up at the early time and begin to write, not just roll over and slap the snooze button and think, “I should be getting up to write now.”

It should work that way, I think. Maybe I need to buy a recorder and just start babbling into it at 6am. The husband will love it, I’m sure. Or maybe he will tell me to get into bed earlier than 1am and stop creating playlists in WinAmp.

Must. Write. Today. It’s no good having all these beautiful spreadsheets if I have nothing to enter into them. I also have to decide if I’m going to edit FWD, (which doesn’t seem to be bowling editors over, although to be fair I still haven’t heard back from some yet), sooner than later at the same time I’m trying to finish FB. It’s not that the revisions are that daunting (okay, they are considering I have to probably change a lot of the conflict) but the biggest problem is that I don’t want to go back and reread the story. Not because I don’t love the concept or the H/H, but because every time I go back and reread something I wrote a while ago, I cringe. Kind of like watching a bad home movie from the 80’s. Because I know my writing has improved since then, which is a good thing. But supposed I reread it and realize that it is total crap? How do I know if it’s worth fixing or if my time is better spent on the newer book?

Yeah, I know, questions I probably have to answer for myself. (But it would be really nice if someone else *hint* had ALL the answers)

Excuse me while I go pour coffee down my throat and contemplate the universe.

Steph T.