That’s today? You know, I don’t even know who’s playing. And I’m okay with that.

(Random thought: Katie has a really funny post up about superbowl.)

I plan to spend the day writing. Holed up in my office spending a whole day writing while the husband and the three year old watch the game.

I like basketball, but football and baseball don’t do it for me. The last time the husband took me to a baseball game was the actual last time.

We did have great seats. Now, let me define great — it was a section where they actually bring the food to you rather than having to go to the concession stand to get it.

To me, that was the best part of the game.

Anyway, by the third inning or so, I’d eaten just about everything I could and I was so done. The husband tried to ply me into staying with an extra ice cream in a plastic baseball hat. It worked for another inning.

It was when I mentioned something about The Mets being in the lead that he finally realized just how bad the whole situation was.

Seems I didn’t realize they’d gotten new uniforms and I’d been rooting for the wrong team the entire game.

Hey, I didn’t bother with my glasses, so all the players looked a little blurry anyway. Who cared? I wasn’t really watching. The most important thing was being able to read the food menu.

I wonder what’s on today’s menu…

Steph T.