Wrote about four pages of a random scene today so far (out of order, of course.) I’ve been toying with the idea of creating a new routine to get new pages done, like getting up earlier to crank them out before life begins to interfere. Normally, I get the bulk of my writing time at night, when the husband comes home and takes over the three year old, who has given up the idea of napping for now. I’m finding that I have the best intentions of writing then, but I’m exhausted. Lately, I crawl into bed with the pad and paper in hand and try to get something down, and it’s usually decent but it’s not enough.

I’m not really what you’d call a morning person, but this morning’s pages were done at 6am and I was too tired to really ‘think’ about them or analyze them too much — I just kept typing and the words kept coming out. Same theory as what happens during my night writing, but this way I’ll have given myself a safety net. If I can get the pages ‘done’ early, then, during the craziness of the day, would be a much better time for rereading, revising and working the already-written pages that are the puzzle of my WIP together. Then the pages I do manage to write at night would be gravy.

It’s a nice theory — now we’ll see if I can stop my love affair with the snooze button.

Please feel free to share your routines — I’d love to know how you all accomplish this process for yourselves. I mean, I like my all-day, all-night frenzy of accomplishment that happens once every two months or so and lasts about two weeks and gets me to finish a book, but I’m thinking I might need to push myself into more of an everyday kind of routine. You know, just in case THE CALL happens by anytime soon. *looks at phone*

Am I destined to be on the frenzied-writing train forever? I admit, I kind of like it there — it’s when the most fun part (you know, the CF) happens. It’s getting myself to that point that I’d like to happen faster, finishing that first half. If I practice the routine enough, can I change my habits or is it something that’s so deeply ingrained in a writer’s psyche (like the plot/pantser thing) that it’s not worth trying to mess with?

Steph T.