Thank you all for helping me through my RWA inspired headache — it’s good to know I can make everyone feel the pain right along with me. But seriously, your comments helped me understand more of what’s going on – I feel informed.

I’m wondering if RWA would consider separate chapters, all under the RWA umbrella? Maybe they’ve already done this.

Maybe I should stop worrying about this and just keep writing. My sub-plots are gelling nicely. Sin and Tori are cooperating. Things are moving along in this WIP and I’m having fun with it. I love when that happens.

By tomorrow, the doubt of, is this crap, might start creeping in again. Maybe if I feed the creeping-crap-doubt chocolate, it will leave me alone.

New (and old) topic: The husband is still stalking around the house sick. Not that I ever really have a grip on what day of the week it really is, but this is making things much worse. I keep thinking it’s the weekend. And it’s not. At least he’s opening up his own cans of soup now.

But where is all this laundry coming from?

Steph T.