Finally got that ‘redefining romance’ email everyone’s been talking about from RWA. And I’d like to be able to answer some of the questions they ask coherently and rationally. But first, someone please explain to me what they mean when they ask if we’re becoming women’s fiction writers?

Am I the only one confused by this question? Because that’s entirely possible.

What is a women’s fiction writer – a woman who writes fiction or a writer who writes fiction about women?

Here I thought I was a career-focused romance writer, one who wrote military romantic adventure. Seriously, does that not count as romance? Should it not count? Because there’s lots of romance in my books. Lots of HEA’s for everyone, once the dust settles.

And what’s a mainstream novel with strong romantic elements? Is that the whole 70/30 suspense/romance mix people keep talking about? Are Bombshells not considered romance, even though they’re published by a leading romance publisher? Is a Bombshell a romance if there’s a HEA? Are MIRA’s not really romance? Have erotica, chick-lit and action-adventure really caused this much confusion? Where have I been?

Make the pain stop. banghead.gif Someone focus me, please. I just need a starting point.

Steph T.