This started with Maili and Emma and I’m going to jump on board.

Like Suzanne, I think I’m stuck in my music youth. I also think I might have been born in the wrong generation, music-wise, although if pointed out to me, I do like a lot of music that’s around today. But when I’m writing a particular book, I’ve got to come up with a theme song for the characters and then I get a whole soundtrack together that I can listen to when writing. It tends to focus me. (stop laughing- I didn’t say it helps me plot.) Anyway, an example of that is here.

So, for Sin and Tori, (their story’s called Flying Blind), here’s what I’m listening to so far, although my soundtrack is far from complete and very, very random: (Emma, you might not want to look at this. Your husband definitely shouldn’t)

Back in Black & You Shook Me All Night Long/ AC/DC
Here Without You & Let Me Go/Three Doors Down
Up For Breakfast & Running with the Devil/ VanHalen
Authority Song/John Mellencamp
I’m No Angel/Gregg Allman
Box of Rain/Grateful Dead
Welcome to the Jungle/Guns N’ Roses
Battleflag/LoFidelity AllStars
Try and Love Again/Eagles
Good-Bye & The Homecoming/The Pretenders
The Game of Love/Michelle Branch & Santana
Fighter/Christina Aguilera
Bad to the Bone: George Thorogood
How You Remind Me/Nickelback
Ready for Love/Bad Company
Crazy in Love/Beyonce
Mama Told Me (Not To Come)/Three Dog Night
I’m a Bitch/Meredith Brooks
Photograph & Bringing on the Heartache/DefLepard

*looks back and forth between the lists and love scene*

Off to hunt for some more ‘romantic’ songs to set the mood for the second love scene.

Steph T.