Several of you have written with your concern and well-wishes for Sin and Tori, in hopes that they’ve made it through their first love scene together.

And while they have indeed consummated their relationship, it is, at present, a very un-layered coupling, consisting of, insert tab A into tab B (okay, well, some things are layered) with some murmured and not so-murmured oaths here and there. And Sylvia, I’ll be contacting you about those Russian phrases in a bit. Because that’s one of the great things about being a writer — you get to have things on your to-do list like:

*Contact Sylvia and ask her to translate murmured sex phrases into Russian.

Who else besides a writer can really say they have that on their to-do list?

But, back to Sin and Tori. Tori’s no virgin, so that helps. And I think I’ve figured out why the scene was giving me problems. I was trying to make them have a very sort of rough and tumble love scene, since that’s what the situation calls for. And then I was trying to soften it by having things progress into the whole, “I’m falling for you” emotion immediately following the scene. But really, just rough and tumble fits the scene. The emotion is already there, in subtext. And, since I plotted (and I’m using that term VERY loosely here, so those of you who know me can stop laughing now.) I know that, in the next scene, someone’s going to try to break in the room and try to kill them. So rough and tumble fits for now, followed by the near-killing, which will allow Sin and Tori to get even closer.

Personal Mantra to remember: Listen to the characters and do not rush them. They will lead you in the right direction. They always have.

And, thanks to blog-surfing and PBW, I created this:


But I have to recant it a little, since the husband is downloading the digital camera software onto it (which I’ve been too lazy to do on the laptop) So maybe, since everyone’s been taking pictures of their office and their plotting boards, I’ll be able to join them.

Of course, my plotting board is pretty much blank. So I might have to just take pictures of the pile of pretty colored sticky notes and the messy office.

Steph T.