She heard the cab pull up and raced to the door, eager to see his face again. It had only been five days since they’d been separated, but it seemed an eternity.

Her hero was finally home.

“We’re never going to be apart again!” she cried as she flung the door open and threw herself into his waiting arms.

“Never. And you look more beautiful than ever,” he murmured, scooped her up as though she weighed nothing at all and carried her up the stairs.

Okay, that’s so not what happened. (Well, let’s pretend the ‘she weighed nothing at all’ part exists) What really happened was more along the lines of this:

The husband calls from business trip: “I’m catching an earlier flight.”

Me: “That’s great.”

Husband: “I’m catching an earlier flight because I’m sick. I’ve got some kind of flu.”

So now I’ve got a flu-infested husband in the house. I greeted him at the door with Lysol wipes and a Z-Pack. There was no flinging of or racing to doors and there was no beauty involved. Trust me on that one.

And that never be apart again thing? Well, he’s been banned to the far corners and the three year old and I are doing are best to avoid getting sick. I still have that migraine and I was supposed to get my brand new desktop computer installed tonight. But sick, didn’t carry me up the stairs husband, kind of cancelled out those plans. And, to top things off, I was forced to COOK for him.

Okay, it was canned soup, but still, that totally counts. Right up there with the grilled cheese I made him when we were dating.

Now, what’s that thing I’ve been trying to do for a living again? Oh, right. Writing. *insert hysterical laughter here*

Steph T.