Romancing The Blog had its official launch today and Katie McAlister led the charge with a terrific post!

And, between my own blog and the column I have to write for RTB and all the blog-hopping I do on a daily basis, I got to thinking again about the power of the written word. And even though this migraine is kicking my ass and I can’t think quite clearly, I do know one thing: I’m really, really proud of all the bloggers out there who speak their minds. And so, in honor of all of you, here’s an excerpt from Negotiations by Adrienne Rich, which says it much more eloquently than I ever could:

“Someday if someday ever comes we’ll go
Back and reread those poems and manifestos
That so enraged us in each other’s hand
I’ll say, But damn, you wrote it so I
Couldn’t write it off”

(Hopefully I’ve gotten the philosophical musings out of my system and I’ll be back up to speed tomorrow and ready to entertain the one who thinks it’s all about her.)

Steph T.