My kind neighbors are showering me with attention and food since the husband’s away, and there was a Marine plowing my driveway at 3am, so I’m doing my part and swiping at the front walk every few hours while waiting for the next food delivery.

These past two days should’ve been perfect writing days. Instead, I’ve gotten zero accomplished, unless you count staring at the plotting board and wondering why it doesn’t populate itself with sticky notes. But maybe, just maybe, if the three year old cooperates, I can look over the newest crit I just got for my first couple of chapters, which I know will help me incorporate my subplots into my newly minted romantic adventure. I’m on page 145, I’ve written about 50 new pages this month so far (I think 70 new pages was my WORD goal, but there’s still time) and I’m far along in the editing process, so overall I did much better this time. And since I’ve got a handle on where things are actually going to go in this book, the plotting board really should work for me in terms of allowing me to write chapters out of order if I want to.

I always want to.

During the blizzard, I also got a wonderful email asking me to be a Romancing The Blog columnist. I’m just thrilled! And nervous. But in a good, I just jumped out of an airplane but I’m wearing a parachute now let’s just hope it opens, adrenaline rush, kind of way.

I think maybe I’ve been hanging out with my romantic adventure characters a little bit too long.

Steph T.