The husband, who is abandoning me for a business trip in balmy Florida (we’re expecting a blizzard here and it’s all Larissa’s fault), has told me that I must play nice in my blog and try not to piss people off. Especially not big published authors.

But that was not my intent at all. The pissing people off part. I was trying to express myself, because that’s what writer’s who have blogs do.

Still, now I feel guilty. (See — I told you I’m not good at the rant stuff.) So here’s the thing. The most important thing that I wish the author I mentioned in my previous post had said in her interview:

I wish she’d said that she loves writing romance, because hey, that many books, she obviously has a passion for it. I wish she’d shared what an amazing genre it is. I wish she’d said it brings happiness and hope and love into so many people’s lives and it’s something she was truly proud of writing.

Would that have been so hard?

Okay, the husband knows I’m still talking about this. Pretend I said something funny and laugh…

Steph T.