I’m having a problem with my subplots. I’m worried about them, actually. Worried that I’m not doing them justice, worried that I’m doing them too much justice.

Oz and Serephina are killing me.

It started out with my finishing Hot Target. That’s right — I finished my reward book well before I did any writing that deserved an actual reward (where is my WORD group with that whip?) But I couldn’t help it — after a slightly slow start, the book sucked me right in — even the World War II subplot got me, and usually I just skim that. And then I started thinking about my current WIP, because I decided it was definitely NOT going to be a trilogy — remember? I was going to make major use of subplots. Newest t-shirt saying: Sub-plotting my ass off.

I’m going to have a huge t-shirt collection when this is done.

So naturally, I’m very interested in all things concerning the subplot right now. If there’s a book I’m trying to learn from, like Suz B’s book, and I’ll go back and study how she braids her plots together. (stole that word from Alison) In the case of this book, the subplot connections are obvious – in some of her other books, not so obvious. And there’s a lot of discussion going on about this author’s use of subplots. A lot of readers mention they always find her subplots more interesting than the main plots and they’re upset about it. And I do think she uses subplots in a much different way than other authors do — a lot of the time, I don’t find that smooth kind of transition from one scene to the next when she moves from subplot to subplot. It doesn’t bother me — I actually like it. It breaks rules, which always makes me happy. And yes, most of the time, I find I’m just as enthralled with her subplots as I am with her main plot — it’s part of that magic that keeps me wanting her next book. I know Mrs. Giggles has an entire rant about sequels/subplots, how she doesn’t like it when they scream out –‘here I am, my authors prepping me for my own book!!!’ Suz always has a ton of characters and subplots. I feel like if I had that many characters and subplots, I’d get letters from editors telling me I had too many characters and subplots.

Then again, I am not Suzanne Brockmann, so maybe that’s a big part of the problem.

Steph T.