I have been accused of falling behind on the entertainment value by people who obviously don’t buy into the whole, this blog is all about me, hype and think it is all about them (who am I to burst their bubble?) Thank goodness scarylarissagrasshopperleg has had lots to say the past couple of days to make up for that. Some excellent posts over there. I’m thinking of telling people that I wrote them for her.

But I have been truly busy, because there has been something of a minor crisis here. It hasn’t reached true crisis proportions yet, but it’s threatening to and creature of habit that I am, I’ve been trying to figure out what to do about it and it’s been taking up lots of time.

It seems that, because of the New Year, lots of people are making resolutions. Diet type of resolutions. These resolutions have begun to affect me since these same people have apparently decided to begin buying out the only brand of Slim Fast Meal On The Go Bars that I eat, and have eaten, for breakfast, for the past two years. (Did I mention the creature of habit thing?) The other day I was down to my last bar. The husband scoured four stores. At the fifth he hit paydirt and found six. The manager muttered something about people going on diets and buying out supplies. He also mentioned the possibility of Slim Fast discontinuing that flavor, but I will not address the foolishness of that notion. I am far too fragile at this moment.

I implore you, people who are buying the Peanut Butter Chewy Granola Bars — buy the chocolate chip ones instead. I would, but I cannot eat them since they have the faint taste of French vanilla and I cannot eat or drink anything involving French vanilla since the three year old (when she was the one year old) threw up vanilla Pediasure directly into my mouth. I will not go into details — suffice it to say that many people found the incident highly amusing and I did not.

If I can no longer find these bars, I will not know what to eat with my coffee. And, since we all know I can’t cook (on a side note, when I mentioned to the husband the thing about recipes on author’s websites being very popular, he suggested I put a recipe page up here and just put links on it to all my favorite take-out places. He found this highly amusing. I did not say anything, because damn, I need him around to cook because there is only so much take-out I can eat and because he’s the only one around here who knows how to work the snow blower, which, from the looks of things, we might be needing in the next couple of days) — where was I….oh, right — can’t cook, get sick of cereal — my whole morning coffee, slim-fast bar, read emails and blogs morning writer routine will be thrown off. And then where will I be? Not so entertaining, I can promise you that.

I can’t be the only creature of this much habit out there, can I?

Steph T.