(or, how this writer’s mind attempts to go over the wall when the Word doc is first opened and must be coaxed lovingly back into submission)

Is this WIP part of a series or a one-shot deal?

Why is the husband still home? What day of the week is it? Does he still have a job outside the home? Should I worry?

Loving this paragraph. Why did it take me an hour to write it last night?

Oh look, the husband’s made coffee.

WIP will be one-shot deal. Bring Oz and Sara into this book. March them into chapter five using cut and paste method. Book is longer now. Am closer to WORD goal. Must post this on message board immediately.

Maybe it’s time to get another dog.

Maybe the paragraph’s not that great. Can’t stop looking at it and wondering why my characters jump from planes when I can’t go down escalator without stumbling.

Make mental note to ask Jaq where she gets fun x-rated cartoons. Make note to steal them off her blog either way.

Realize I finally understand the meaning of layering. And editing. Want a t-shirt that reads “Quiet Please: Am layering my ass off over here.” Upon further reflection, realize that ass is still here and not getting any smaller. More treadmill time is needed. Must download new John Mellencamp CD to MP3 player for tomorrow’s walk.

Series, definitely. A trilogy. Take Oz and Sara Chapter out of ms and relegate them to their own story.

Why does the three year old want to eat again? Am definitely not ready for the responsibility of another dog. Am glad the husband is home today to feed the three year old so I can keep staring lovingly at said paragraph.

Forgot to set MinTimer.

Wonder why Katie is not around to cater to my every ms whim. Wonder if she will like the new avatar I posted. Wonder again why Larissa had to scare me with red grasshopper leg in peanuts.

Paragraph is good. Layered, even. Begin to delve into why Sin a is lying to Tori.. *begins to mumble and mutter here as consciousness fades away and mind finally stops resisting*


edited/layered 35 pages
brought ms from 82 to 98 pages over last 3 days

Steph T.