Happy New Year, everyone!

Okay — going to be VERY random for today, as I took Larissa’s drink and cleanse thing way too literally. Am still waiting for that healing, shiny outlook feeling that was all but assured to me to occur because right now things just hurt.

I downloaded MinTimer as per Maili who provided me with this link from the discussion Sylvia started about regulating online time. Ignored my computer telling me it could not verify the source of the timer and warning me not to download (here’s hoping IT guy is not reading blog anytime soon) Obviously, I have not tried to regulate my online time yet, since I’m here, but I’m testing it out today because…

Today is day 1 of the WORD A Month challenge. Blame Cece. (love you, Cece, really – I know this is a good thing — I need accountability and some serious ass-kicking to stay on track) Sylvia is trying to drag the members of the *thisclose* club over to the pubbed camp with her, which, as I mentioned on her message board, sounds suspiciously like boot camp.

I will, of course, perk up if there are SEALs involved in the pubbed boot camp. camouflage.gif

What else, what else…Oh — Sharon had me giggling (would laugh but the head hurts too much for that) with her, ‘it’s all about me’ statement. The three year old disagrees with her heartily, since she owns a t-shirt that proclaims it is all about her. (I own the matching flip-flops, so yeah, she’s definitely mine) But she is so much easier to entertain, as all she needs is Elmo.

So Sharon, let me ask you, how do you feel about wolves

Steph T.