It’s about pen-names. Cause I use one, mainly because my real last name is way too hard to spell or pronounce. But I’m at the point where it’s becoming confusing, since I just sent the contest entry out using my real last name, but wanted to send it out using the pen-name. Except the RWA membership # is under the real last name, and I remember some big deal being made by RWA last year about wanting its members to be listed by real last names for the GH. Not that I entered the GH.

I emailed RWA for clarification, but figured I’d throw this out to you guys, since you all always have a wealth of information for me. What’s the deal? Do I have to use the real last name for contest stuff? Or can I just use the pen-name for all author related stuff from now on and enter 2005 under one identity? party.gif

Steph T.