*mantras she mutters to self*

1. give self permission to write crap – cannot edit the blank page.applause.gif

2. give thanks for CP’s willing to read crap icon_pray.gif – send them chocolate, for they will inherit the earth. (Or at least my straight-jacket)

The carrot dangling in front of me today is the following: Tonight on Sixty Minutes II, Lara Logan reports on her experiences of being embedded with the Navy SEALs in Afghanistan. Yeah for me! When I tell the husband this, he turns to me, in all seriousness, and asks why I wasn’t invited along with the reporter and the SEALs.

And you all wondered why I married him.

Back. To. Editing. drillsergeant.gif

Edit Now. SEALs later.

And why do I SUCK at adding description? loser.gif Why don’t I notice anything? How can I have characters in a hospital and not mention anything about the hospital at all? Layer. Layer. Layer. Five senses. Emotions. Raise the stakes. banghead.gif

Am seriously thinking about adding wolves to chapter one. Because if you have wolves, am thinking that the emotions will just fall naturally into place.

Steph T.