that the heat upstairs is equivalent to a high-powered sauna (plumber comes back tomorrow), or because I’ve gotten very little sleep, but I might be coming down with something.

Massive doses of sugar taken with hot chocolate do not seem to be helping. Sleep is fitful. Have taken to the couch in brand new pajamas (they have candy canes on them – Larissa would so approve). Played with blog sidebar for a while – added to the ‘what I’m reading,’ ‘what I’m listening to,’ and ‘what I’m watching’ sections, thanks to Santa. *g*

Christmas Eve and the day itself were fun – lots of food and family and presents. But I’m glad it’s over. Not so glad for the way I feel today. Because I really wanted to write, wanted to get over to Sylvia’s message board and post some goals for myself and then gear up to finish the rough draft on one of my stories.

Must go take temperature now. yuck.gif

Steph T.