from yesterday in no particular order.

1. New Radiator in. Entire balance of heating power is thrown off. Smug people who told me new radiator would not bring in enough heat to dining room are all very, very happy. Rest of house is stifling hot, dining room is excorcist cold and new radiator emits new radiator fumes which will make Christmas Eve dinner which I’m not cooking not so pleasant. Add to this the pipe above the boiler bursting one hour after plumber leaves spilling brackish water all over basement floor. Ask the husband why all this is happening and he tells me that house is upset with me because I tore something out of it. I ask what house will feel toward him since he wants to rip out entire kitchen and he says house will be happy with him because he is adding to kitchen. He then goes outside and finds his car battery is dead. I am both strangely vindicated and sick to stomach at same time.

2. I discover that the husband knows how to change his own car battery and plans on doing so. This is troubling news because for six months he drove around with a windshield wiper on his car that he installed and that flew off every time he used it.

3. I do my usual blog circle surf and discover Alison’s site has been hacked. Feel incomplete and wonder if I feel worse than she does about blog being down and then wonder if that’s a problem.

4.Larissa threatens me with bodily harm if I don’t print out my PRO application. I know she won’t mind if I mention it here because not only will she cheerfully admit to it, she will probably make up some kind of cheery little Christmas psycho song to go along with it.

5.Jaq (Vanessa Jaye) stops by my guestbook and makes my “I am a crappy writer’ day better by saying such nice things about my excerpts when she didn’t even know I was having a crappy writer day.

6.Two different Stephanie Tylers stop by to say hi in my guestbook. Months ago. Must. Check. Guestbook. More. Often. Waving to other Stephanie Tylers in universe.

7.I preorder Wicked Words: Sex On Holiday Anthology that has both Cece and Sylvia’s short stories in it.

8.I discover Amazon had many site problems this season and is trying to make up for it by offering ridiculously fast and cheap shipping. Give Lord of Rings trilogy to myself as present for whole heating fiasco. Picture self wrapping it, opening it and pretending to be surprised. Picture self in straight-jacket and hope there is even-heating system in mental ward.

9.My mother reads blog, decides she wants Margee (Lydia’s mom) to teach her how to send ecards (run, Margee, run). Um, yeah, mom. First maybe you could learn how to work the remote control. Also, she reads letter to book biz Santa, turns to me and says pointedly, as only a mother can, “Now that man, he REALLY knows how to write.”


Steph T.