Not so bad. Actually, it was empty. Parking spaces near the door, even. No pushing or shoving and no lines.

I still hate shopping though. And I firmly believe that gift certificates are the best way to say, I love you but I don’t feel like thinking. Hey — it’s still a gift.

And I knew it was time to go home when we were in Crate & Barrel and the husband turned and asked, in all seriousness, “should we get my grandmother a soap dispenser?”

So we’re not completely done, but I refuse to think about that. I still have plenty of time.

And so so cool about Cece and her sale to Black Lace!!! What a great week around this place for first sales! First Sylvia to Brava, then Cece, then….*looks left, then right* Come on, who’s next? If I could break into Larissa’s house and find her predictions, I would know.

As for the blog, with the lovely Genevieve from Dreamforge Media’s help, I actually have a newsletter sign up on my sidebar. Come on – it’s never too early to think of these things, right? Right. Sheesh – it’s not like I’m selling my books on ebay or anything. Now, let’s not make me beg for you to sign up for it. All you have to do is put your email addy in the box and hit submit. (okay, it also involves an email in your inbox and one click but that’s it. Really.) There is no newsletter going out until I actually have news of a sale. No spam, no selling of lists or anything. No one will bother you.

And seriously, I know who you are and what your email addresses are already. (well, those of you who comment here regularly – the lurkers, not so much, so you’re safe.) Don’t make me enter your email address into my own newsletter box and pretend you did it yourself, because I will. Humor me. It’s right there on the sidebar. Go on now…it works and everything.

If not for me, do it for Jake. He thinks y’all just want him for his cookies…

Steph T.