I was ROFLMAO at Meg Cabot’s entire blog entry today. She was fielding questions from aspiring writers, but I had to quote one of her answers about waiting for ‘awesomely random writing inspiration’ because it was just too true.

“Um, if all of us writers waited until we got “awesomely random writing inspiration” to write our stories, there would be no stories. Very little of writing is about the “awesomely random writing inspiration” to do it. Most of it is about “completely forcing its continuation.” In other words, um, sitting your butt in a chair and writing. I don’t know a single author who is like, “Oh, I am so inspired, it is just flowing from my fingers all day long.” Instead, we are like, “This sucks, I hate it, why won’t someone shoot me? I wish I were dead. What’s for dinner?” all day long.”

BTW, if you know an author for whom inspiration flows all day long, don’t introduce her to me. Don’t get me wrong – I love writing – I really do. Couldn’t think of a better job but damn, it’s really hard work. How does Pam Anderson do it and still look so good 🙂

Steph T.