I promise. I took a small one on Cece’s blog today instead.

Today’s horoscope for Aries: An astrological surprise party has been planned for you by the universe. Doesn’t matter where you are, who you’re with or what you’re doing. You’ll be shocked, amazed and delighted. Now that you know, pretend to be surprised. Try, anyway.

At least I’m forewarned, since surprises (both good and bad) are only okay by me as long as I know about them ahead of time. (I know there are deep psychological issues lurking behind that statement – I try not to dwell there) I’m sitting here patiently awaiting the shock, amazement and delight and of course hoping all of it will pertain to my writing career. Mainly in the way, shape and form of a sale of some sort. *looks to the right, the left, sees nothing*

I’ll keep you all posted. In writing news, Jake’s story is moving along, and it’s getting darker, which is what I expected to happen. He’s got a lot of stuff to deal with and I’m hoping I can keep it from getting too depressing. I’m also hoping to have an excerpt up on the site soon. In the meantime, more randomness below.

Okay – if you saw The Apprentice last night, you’ll know that my prediction for Kelly winning is about to come true. He came through as the strongest candidate in the big corporate interviews and it was because of his military background – ‘he knows how to lead and how to follow orders.’ I mean, can I pick them or what? Of course the military guy’s going to win. And then the show ended with a nice shot of Kelly lying on the bed half naked.

I wish I had Larissa’s Christmas spirit, but this year I’m just not feeling it. I’m all for the actual day, the celebrating with friends and family, but the whole shopping thing has got to go. Last night I Amazon one-clicked my way to my first Chrismas gift. Tonight the husband and I sit down and plan our full scale, one night mall extravaganza attack.

Steph T.