so I did too. The quiz, that is:

Darling, it seems that you belong in Gone with the
Wind; the proper place for a romantic. You
belong in a tumultous world of changes and
opportunities, where your independence paves
the road for your survival. It is trying being
both a cynic and a dreamer, no?

Which Classic Novel do You Belong In?
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Gone With The Wind is seriously my all-time favorite novel – I love Scarlett. Love the way she wants wants wants Ashley right up until the time she gets him and then she’s like, “Oh, I realize I wanted Rhett.” She’s great. And somehow, I don’t find her annoying for not realizing she’s going after the wrong man the entire book – maybe because she’s dealing with war, killing Yankees and digging the fields with her hands a lot of the time.

Okay – so it looks like Jake, my out of control character, has won for now. I’ve started to work on his book, Dealing with Destiny, and he’d better give it all up and soon. As soon as he’s done helping Sasha out, of course. Once again, I’ve got four books, all of which are more than halfway done. Once again, they’re all in limbo. I guess that’s a natural, to be expected state for an unpubbed. I guess I can stop beating myself up for that and just be grateful for the fact that I actually have ideas, stories that want to be told, and accept the fact that when/if I have to complete any of the other books, I can and will.

Now, if someone would just want them, for &%$#@’s sake.

Steph T.