You are 87% Aries

WORD Challenge: New pages Written: Maybe 2 BUT I edited at least 90 pages today, got my plot points a little straighter in the first 150 pages and got H/H to have some more contact/sparring. I know that my challenge was to write new pages, but I should get some kind of credit for actually working on the WIP today.

And Alison put up her explanation of her plotting board. What I like most about it is that I can use this after I’ve written some chapters, which I think is how it would work best for me. For instance, now I can go into my first 190 pages and chapter them out with pretty colored sticky notes and make sure I have a good balance of plot. It’s a nice visual way to see an overview of the story without going back and doing the dreaded rereading until you’re sick of looking at your own story. Thankfully, Katie isn’t sick of it yet.

Really, I just want to have an excuse to use the pretty colored sticky notes…but I’ll let you know how it all works out.

Oh – and happy happy birthday to Sasha!

Steph T.