There are some exciting new developments in the celebrity world, according to my newest issue of Star magazine and it’s imperative to my writing career that you be aware. Why, you ask? In case I call you/email you to procrastinate my writing, you must be up to speed and able to converse intelligently on these topics.

First of all, according to Star, Kirstie Alley is too fat for sex. Somehow, I’m thinking that’s not possible, because she doesn’t seem all that big too me, but she’s certainly angry on the cover of the magazine, giving the photographer the double finger. I might too, if I were her. So maybe she’s not too fat for sex, but rather, too angry for it. Also, we find out the real reason Lindsey Lohan’s boyfriend dumped her and hear about the rumor that Britney is 8 weeks pregnant. Marrying young was NOT the best career move for her.

And if you happened to catch The Apprentice last night, you have to admit that finally there was a boardroom surprise with two people being fired. Personally, I think they should just fire the lot of them (although Kelley did look good in his towel when he answered the phone last week) and start over. This show is my only foray into the world of reality TV, BTW, and this season is disappointing, to say the least. Why do all the women cry? I’m thinking Caroline never cries in public like that, and it can’t be good for their careers to have breakdowns at random points in the game. None of the men are crying. Cursing, yes.

Well, it doesn’t get much better than this. A lazy Friday night (putting all thoughts of the WORD challenge behind me until later. Later, I will write. Promise. Am waiting anxiously for Alison to let me know how to use all those colorful post-it notes to help me.) with Star, some new catalogues and a new episode of JAG.

And it’s also comforting to know that my blogging friends and I have other names picked out for a new career, should this writing thing not pan out. So here’s a shout out to Mocha, Topaz and Butterfly.

Steph T.