WORD challenge: wrote 10 pages of randomness which needs to be blended into ms

Okay – so it’s so NOT funny when your horoscope mocks you. I refer you to my horoscope from 11/15, which clearly stated a pleasant surprise was in store for me.

Getting my first editor rejection for FWD forwarded to me from my agent does not constitute a pleasant surprise. (Hear that, stars and planets?) And it’s a sucky rejection too – no request for revisions or anything. Just a plain old, “I’ll pass.” I hate that phrase. I’d rather hear “I don’t want the damned thing.”

Bitter? Who, me?

Really, I’m okay. It’s absolutely not my first R by any means, but it’s the first one with my agent, so it’s a milestone. She told me not to worry – it only takes one editor to love it, and I know that’s true. But I would feel better if my horoscope didn’t lead me on.

Otherwise, I’ve been having computer issues – everything was running really slowly, freezing, crashing, etc. So I call Dell and got 3 different answers, one of which entailed deleting everything from my computer and starting from scratch. So NOT an option for me sitting here all by my lonesome. Finally, I talked with someone who said that I had some kind of spyware that invaded my system and that’s why everything had been crashing. Well, I have some spyware crusher things on the computer, but I’d sort of forgotten to run them weekly.

Must. Run. Spyware.

So after running it, deleting temporary internet files (who knew?) my internet connection is flying again and things have stopped freezing for now. So, in honor of my obsessive compulsiveness, I feel that I must now run the spyware daily instead of weekly.

Steph T.