Today’s horoscope for Aries: Picture the last thing on earth you’d ever expect. Now expect it — under the category of ‘pleasant surprises.’ That’s on the list of what might be coming along for you. Just remember: there’s no such thing as a coincidence.

I’m picturing…I’m picturing…*looks over shoulder for the pleasant surprise*

It’s not here yet. And I sure could use a shot of one, because I’m in one of those waiting lulls. I know the waiting is a huge part of a writer’s life and I’ve got to get used to it, but I’m too impatient for life right now.

Not much going on writing-wise this weekend. The husband was away and the three year old decided she needed lots of attention. She also decided she needed me awake with her from midnight to 5am, so I took the opportunity to catch up on some TV. I watched most of season four of Sex in the City (am still wondering when Carrie actually writes) and Something’s Gotta Give (I loved it – a writer who actually writes). Even Jake avoided me, so someone’s keeping him busy.

I also just got back edits on the first 80 pages or so of DWD from my fabulous CP Katie, who assures me that it’s not ‘suckage.’ (my pet name for the book) As usual she did a great job of helping, and what I love about her edits is that she writes her suggestions like she’s talking to me. And, to tie this all into my horoscope, since I like closure, my character’s mother actually tells her that ‘there are no coincidences.’

So, for the WORD challenge (notice how I’m hiding this at the bottom ) I’m about 50 pages in of new stuff. Only a hundred to go and I have what, 15 days to go. That’s only…oh, wait, that would require math and I don’t do math at all.

Going to catch up on my blogging buddies for inspiration. Swear I’m not becoming those, once a week for no good reason bloggers.

Steph T.