pages written yesterday = maybe 3? (I know, I know – I must find a better system before November 1st)

We already know how not talented I am in the whole html department. It took me an hour to figure out how to get that great participant button for the Write OR Die challange on my sidebar. Forget making it a link – it was beyond me, so I started a blogroll under it where you can access the message board. Or go to Sylvia Day’s blog, and she’ll give you all the information on the November Write OR Die (love the name!) challenge. It’s a little different than the NaNowRimo challenge, in which you must start a novel at the beginning. For WORD’s challenge, you can start anywhere you want in your book, as long as you make your word count at the end of the month. Not sure of the rules yet – looks lilke we’ll be posting our counts weekly or so. So come on over and join the torture!

Steph T.