Pages written over last two days = about seven (yeah, the keeping track is really working well. Must. Crack. Whip.)

Anyway, I’m still having website problems, specifically with an excerpt page. I’ve decided just not to think about it, which is very Scarlett O’Hara of me. If this works, I’ll let you know, because not thinking about things and having them actually work out would be a great power to have in this world.

So it’s almost 1:30 am and my three year old and I are still up. The child decided to nap from 6:30 pm – 9:30 pm and wake up with a smile and yawn that said, ‘let’s start the day.’ Okay, it was my idea to feed her Krispy Kreme donuts at midnight as a snack and the ensuing sugar rush that followed has left me drained and her very happy. In my defense, I’m supposed to be giving her all high calorie foods because she needs to gain weight (I know, I know. We should all be so lucky. Not sure where she got the thin gene, but it wasn’t from me).

So before I crash, I’m preparing the first fifty pages or so of A Date With Destiny to send over for my agent to read since I’ve lost all perspective on it. She liked my partial for Flying Blind, which is part of my TAG series. I have a whole website for the books ready to go, but see above for website problems and you’ll understand why you might not see an excerpt from that for the next century. So now I’m working on DWD, FB, plus both their sequels. I’m about halfway done with two of the books and for the other two, about a quarter done plus random scenes. Must. Focus. In fact, this completely killed any hope of signing up for the Official November Novel Writing Challenge since I couldn’t possibly justify starting a fifth project from scratch while I have four to finish. And from what I’ve read, people in those forums are kind of adamant about starting something new rather than using the challenge for finishing a project. I’ll stick with Sylvia’s challenge – fewer rules. I was mainly thinking about signing up for the official November Writing Challenge because I like the cute button they give you to put on your website to show you’re official. Hey Sylvia, can we make our own fun button for your unofficial challenge?

Steph T.