pages written: seven and a half

Okay – the pages I just wrote technically count for Monday since I finished them before midnight. I wrote nothing at all on Sunday, but I figured since I took up the unofficial, but still very official challenge on Sylvia’s message board, I need to get into practice.

And I can’t believe I actually caught the whole Ashlee Simpson debacle on SNL this weekend. I thought her first song sounded a little strange, like she was singing over a track, but when they started playing the wrong song and she just walked off the stage, it was obvious that she’d been doing the lip synch thing. She really should’ve handled herself better. I mean, I know she’s young, but she’s been in show business long enough, and her sister thought chicken of the sea tuna was actually chicken and said it in front of zillions of people, so Ashlee really had nowhere to go but up after that and she blew it. Ah well, I’m sure they’ll have the whole write up in Star magazine this week. At least they’ll have something else to write about besides their unhealthy obession with the Olsen twins and Paris Hilton.

Also, why doesn’t movable type come with some kind of spell checker? If it does, please tell me how to find it. I can’t be expected to type everything correctly, especially at this hour.

Steph T.