As promised:
pages written yesterday: about ten, but they were random scenes and fillers. However, I did semi-edits/chops of the first 40 or so pages on the current WIP, A DATE WITH DESTINY. (I’ll have an excerpt up soon, when webstudio and my computer decide to cooperate.)

Found this over at the name site.

Stephanie =Crown

Name Origin: Greek
Number of Syllables: 3.00
Gender: Female

More interesting facts about the name Stephanie:

Lucky Number: 7
Ruling Planet: Neptune
Element: Water
Primary Color: Violet
Traits: Frequently possesses E.S.P. Extremely “psychic”; Introvert. Although s/he does not say much, s/he usually knows a great deal. Mysterious. Often interested in psychology, psychiatry, chemistry, and botany. Knowledgeable in astrology and all fields of the occult. Fond of fishing. Inclined to take from the “haves” and give to the “have nots”.

I’m an Aries, which is a fire sign, but the weird thing is that I was bron three weeks late, so I should’ve been a Pices, which is a water sign. I’ve always found I’ve got traits of both those signs in me. So now that we’ve covered the ‘knowledgable in astrology’ part…Um, okay – I think I am slightly psychic but I know I had to drop out of chemistry at one point during high school because I was failing. Botany…I took Horticulture in college but only because it was the easiest sceince. Introvert? Well, yes and no. Whenever I take those personality tests I always score equally on introvert and extrovert. I like fishing – the occult, not so much but lately I have been looking into love spells (for my current WIP, of course. Grouchy alpha make character needs to have a love spell/curse placed on him and I’ve yet to find just the right one. Looks like I’m going to have to make one up myself).

Okay, that’s probably more than you wanted to know about me, but hey, it’s Sunday and I didn’t feel like looking for a quiz. Anyway, it’s a cool site, especially if you try and name your characters according to their personality traits like I do. I also have to give them birthdays so I can match the personality with the correct astrological sign. Yes, my characters are like real people to me. I know there are some writers who think this is totally wrong (I think I read in someone’s recent blog that if a writer thinks her characters are real it’s time to seek professional help), but it works for me.

Oh, and thanks to Cece for pointing out about the NaNowRimo challenge. Seems that November is National Novel Writing Month and there’s a 50,000 word challenge beginning midnight on November 1st. The only rule that’s killing me is that you have to start something from scratch. I have to finish this current WIP…which means I’d serisouly have to be writing a ton for both books. Usually, I dabble back and forth between several projects until one just takes hold and forces me to finsih it. Currently, I’m in the middle of four projects but seriously making progress on the one. I see from Sylvia’s blog that some people are considering the challenge. I’m thinking about it.

Steph T.